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Featured Artist Event

I started my career as a marketing person with a sewing hobby.

Then I went awol to do graphic design and decided to follow my dream and "simply be an artist."

I even got a badge that says, "I am an Artist" ... how corny is that?

My artwork style is impressionistic and I love to use a vibrant color palette.

I'm not too fussy when I paint, but I am when I'm doing hand-lettering.

Eventually, I discovered surface pattern design and licensing art for products.  

This artist journey has been fun and exciting, and I've met some wonderfully creative people along the way.
I've been asked to share my experiences through fun and engaging programs for quilting guild and art league events, which I'd love to do because it's a perfect opportunity to meet more creative folks and learn from them.  

I'd like to stay in the Houston, Texas area if possible but am open to travel if arrangements can be made.


.... Details ...

 This event would entail a brief talk about my artist journey to provide a sense of the art creation process in bringing a fabric collection design together.  Topics would include my inspiration for my "Out of Farm's Way" fabric collection and I would show the original paintings, my sketchbook, and the reference photos of the cows that served as reference for my painting.  Simple "how-to" sheets and project packets for some of the sewing creations could be made available as handouts to participants. If possible, I'd like to work from a powerpoint presentation if the technology is available for the event, but this is optional.  If other related topics or actions are of interest, I'm flexible and open to suggestions if they are worked out ahead of the event. 

Duration: 60 Minutes

Format: Lecture

Audience: Quilters and Artists

Honorarium $300 or $30/student minimum 5 students

No minimum student count if full fee is paid.

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