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Blake Thomas Gregory

Our son, Blake, passed away unexpectedly at the young age of 31.  A true explorer, he was known for spur of the moment adventures An Eagle Scout, he loved all things outdoors - camping, hiking, kayaking, hunting, sitting around a campfire and most especially, fishing.  This passion began with childhood summers catch-and-release fishing in local lakes and ponds, and developed into skilled fly fishing, deep sea fishing and even stress-release fishing in local bayous. He lived his life authentically and was not one to change himself to fit the room. 

More about Blake here:  Blake Thomas Gregory


Ernest Wilfred Shultis

My brother, Ernie, is one of the reasons I finally became an artist. He passed away very suddenly and all too early ... but he was prepared. He had been a missionary as he had followed his passion. At his funeral, we heard many stories of how he had greatly impacted the lives of so many people. He loved his family, he loved people, he loved music, and he loved Jesus. I was inspired to leave my corporate job and follow my own passion. I picked up my long-neglected paintbrush and have never looked back. 

More about Ernie here:  Ernie Shultis 

Jean & Milton Shultis

My parents were married for more than "65 years of a life sentance" as Dad used to say (and Mom would giggle). Ever the gentleman, Dad's soft quiet one-liners could have filled a book. I wish I'd written them all down! Mom's constant hugs and kisses never sufficed - she said "I love you" several times a day, and those were the last words she said to me. Dad was a talented artist and I cherish his oil paintings. He taught me how to hand-letter signs in grade school. He had beautiful handwriting. Mom was a musician - her harmonica was available for every special occasion. Beautiful people. 

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