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With just one click, you can find my art through these great partners! 

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TeaTowel Santawatch Spoonflower mockup.jpg

Ok, so I'll admit it - I'm addicted to Tea Towels!

Click here to see a portfolio of some of my designs in my TEA TOWEL COLLECTION here on my website.


Also, click here to see my tea towel designs now available for purchase on my Spoonflower shop.  


Check back often because I'm always cooking up new designs! 


Also ... you can find  some of my repeat patterns printed on your choice of a variety of Fabrics on my Spoonflower shop

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P-1011 Baby Bluebirds & Eggs Spoonflower.jpg
P-1011 Baby Bluebirds & EggsSMALLSpoonflower.jpg
P-1052 Santa Knows Apron.jpg
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Christmas Ornament Santa is Watching You & He Knows ...
Perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas! This personal compact mirror includes a top and bottom mirror as well as a sleek and durable silver outer shell.

I'm kinda messy in the kitchen ... especially on December 4th ... that's National Cookie Day, which I celebrate each year In memory of my sweet mom, Jean Gibson Shultis.


I offer this "Santa Knows" apron -- Mom always said "Santa's watching -- and he knows if we've been bad or good."


No need to wait till Christmas ... this apron is available year-round on my Etsy shop.  It coordinates with a little ceramic ornament or a compact mirror also available on my Etsy shop and with my tea Santa towel, sold on Spoonflower - see above. [P-1052]

Coordinating Ceramic Ornament  (L) and Compact Mirror (R) 


Traditionally, Brides place a coin in a shoe to bring good luck and prosperity. The Lucky Wedding Penny has a shiny bright American penny hand-sewn into elegant lace - it won't slip away as she walks down the aisle! A treasured keepsake  ... a family tradition for the next generation.  

BECAUSE ... I'm a hopeless romantic. And ... when we married decades ago, my hubby put my lucky penny in his pocket ... and it got mixed up with the rest of his coins.  You'll find it on my Etsy shop. I sew each one by hand and gift wrap them. 

ETSY LOGOpng.png
CHILDREN'S BOOK: Fredrick The Frog ... a Life-Cycle Story

Children's Book:  Fredrick the Frog ...a Life Cycle Story 

Authored by Ida P. Leggett, Illustrated by Anne Gregory


From a squiggly ball of jelly to a cute leaf-hopper, watch Fredrick the Frog grow and discover new things he can do as his body changes. Velvet touch hardcover with vibrant illustrations from original oil paintings.


Includes educational  "Fun Frog Facts." Available via online order from 42 pages 

ISBN: 978-0-692-92201-9


Children age 3 to 9

Teachers & parents love this book! 

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...  AND MORE ... 

There's alot of things available on my RedBubble shop... I've only just begun to load up designs in my RedBubble Shop! You can sign up for updates and I'll let you know when I've added more.

P-1071 FolksyFloral Drinkware RdBb.jpg
P-1071 FolksyFloral Apron Red Bbl.jpg

Here at Society6 you can find a variety of fun items featuring my art, from art prints to bar stools, pillows and even watch bands. I'm adding more designs periodically. You can sign up for updates and I'll let you know when I've added more.

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